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<br> <div style="font-size:16px;font-weight:300;"><p>In this Exclusive Webinar, hear from four wealth management experts on industry trends, the growing pressure for advisors to deliver value, and the increasing shift toward independence. <p/></br> Stream the discussion live and hear what experts have to say about: <ul> <li>The opportunities and challenges within the $20 trillion advice market.</li> <li>The complex needs of clients that are accelerating change in the industry.</li> <li>How independent business models are becoming a dominant solution to suit a variety of advisors’ business needs.</li></ul> <u><b>Panelists</b></u></br> <b>Burt White</b> – Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, LPL Financial</br> <b>Rich Steinmeier</b> – Managing Director and Divisional President, LPL Financial</br> <b>Louis Diamond</b> – Executive Vice President and Senior Consultant, Diamond Consultants </br> <b>Onur Erzan</b> – Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company</br> </br></br> Sponsored by<br> <img src="" /> </div>
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Thursday, April 2, 2020 - 11:00
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<p>Thank you for registering for Exclusive Webinar: The State of Financial Advice. Save this email for details on the webcast.</p> <p>LIVE WEBCAST DATE: April 2nd, 2020<br /> 
LIVE WEBCAST TIME: 11am ET | 9am PT</p> [live-events:ical] <p>Use the link below to enter the webcast up to 15 minutes before the start.
<br /> WEBCAST LINK: <a href = ""></a></p>
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